Drexel International Review

An online library of international discussion and analysis by members of the Drexel University community

What is DIR?

Drexel International Review acts as an online database for blogs, research papers, and other scholarly works authored by members of the Drexel University academic community. At DIR, we know that students are passionate about their academic coursework and extracurricular research, so we have created this online resource where all Drexel Dragons can come to publish or observe international discussion and analysis. Read the Full Mission Statement Here.

To learn how to publish your work with Drexel International Review, or, to join our student organization, visit the Get Started page.

DIR's Commitment to Honest Editing

At Drexel International Review, information passes through several gatekeepers before it is published. We are committed to preserving anonymity between authors and editors to avoid editing biases, and we require the submission of references with any scholarly work. Our dedicated team of fact-checkers ensures the thorough review of works and their sources to weed out misinformation. You can learn more about our review process here.